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Worldmuseum Vienna
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Worldmuseum Vienna

Viena Vienna (state) Áustria

The Worldmuseum Vienna on Heldenplatz in Vienna shows valuable treasures from once unknown lands. Highlight of the collection is the world-famous feathered crown.

Two rooms are dedicated to the world-famous "Penacho". The extremely fragile piece, which is though to have belonged to a Mexican priest more than 500 years ago, is part of a permanent exhibition entitled "Penacho: Glory & Passion. The Ancient Mexican Feathered Headdress in Vienna" and can be marveled at in the Worldmuseum Vienna.

The museum is one of the most important ethnological museums in the world and filled with numerous art treasures: in total the museum houses over 200,000 ethnographic objects, 75,000 historical photographs and 144,000 printed works on the history, culture, art and everyday life of predominantly non-European peoples. The treasures come from Africa, the Near East and Central Asia, Siberia, South-East Asia, North, Central and South America, China, Korea, Japan, Oceania, Australia and from the Himalaya region. - Some of the exhibits were collected on the numerous trips of the Habsburg archdukes.

The museum also houses a part of the collection of the British seafarer and explorer James Cook (1728-1779). Each year, special exhibitions are dedicated to individual highlights of the collection.


Adults €8
Young people under 19 €0

Opening hours

We - Mo, 10:00 - 18:00

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Worldmuseum Vienna
Viena,Vienna (state),Áustria

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