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The Origin Centre
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The Origin Centre

Joanesburgo Gauteng África do Sul

On entering the Origins Centre, visitors are immediately captivated by a wire sculpture by Walter Oltmann, which illustrates the migration of mankind from Africa to other continents.
Stone Age tools and tricks

The tour moves on to a vast collection of beautifully displayed tools dating back to the Stone Age. Here, the large, basic hammer-type tools become progressively more advanced, eventually becoming more sophisticated cutting implements, complete with sharp stone blades.
Stone tools were used in many societies throughout the world, some until quite recently. Raw materials were chosen not only for their tool-making properties but also for their natural qualities, which have only recently been explained by modern physics.

Quartz is not an ideal tool-making material. Although it can produce sharp-edged tools for cutting, it is difficult to control its flaking. However, quartz has another important natural property. When subjected to pressure, quartz crystals produce a potential difference (voltage). A small amount of mechanical shock, such as rubbing two pieces of quartz together, ejects orbital electrons from the crystal’s atoms.

When the electrons return to their atomic orbits, they lose energy in the form of photons; photons’ frequency lies within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The ability of quartz crystals to convert mechanical energy (rubbing) into radiation energy (light) is known as triboluminescence, which may be the reason quartz is prevalent at archaeological sites throughout the world.
Evolution of man

Evolution is the theme that follows. A total of 15 skull casts illustrates the physiological changes that took place in early man over millions of years. View a display on DNA and a documentary that details when and where we became modern humans.

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The Origin Centre
Joanesburgo,Gauteng,África do Sul

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